Progress Update

Hey there, everybody! Although this isn't a new episode, I can assure you that I'm working diligently to craft a better experience for you. I've been adding our feed to a bunch of different aggregators. You can find us on iTunes, of course, but did you know that you can find us in a variety of other places? We're on a bunch of different platforms, including Stitcher Radio, Pocket Casts, Beyond Pod, Podkicker, AntennaPod, CastBox, Player FM, DoublePod, Podcast Republic, Podcast Addict, and BluBrry. We're also on Google Play Music's podcast list, but they haven't made podcasts available in their app just yet. Here's hoping they get on it soon. We're also working on getting the podcast onto Miro, Podbean, Tunein Radio, Double Twist, Spotify, and a few miscellaneous Android apps which don't pull from any of the sources that I've listed.

That being said, we probably won't be getting onto iHeartRadio anytime soon. They only take show submissions from another service called Spreaker. Unfortunately, in order to make an active Spreaker account feasible for our needs, we would have to pay for a higher level of service than they offer to free users. Otherwise, we could only keep 10 hours of audio online at a time, deleting old episodes as we go. It's possible to do, but with the amount of work we already put into making the podcast, it would be easy to overlook this detail. As soon as that happens, and we go over the 10 hour limit, both the Spreaker and iHeartRadio feeds would go down. I feel like this could potentially create a bad experience for our listeners, and that's something I want to avoid like the plague. I'm sorry if you are a big iHeartRadio user. Perhaps a few emails from their user base could make them change their minds about accepting RSS feeds ;)

I also started trying to use our Twitter account a little more. I wish I could say that I post all the time, but 140 characters is not my forte. Of course, the more people interacting with us there, the more I'll be likely to use it. You can follow us on Twitter @intercoursecast

We would have used the full name, but it's apparently too long for a Twitter username. 

We also have an Instagram account to give you something visual to go along with the podcast. We are @intercoursepodcast on Instagram. 

Look out for more frequent podcast releases soon! My personal schedule is changing, and I intend to leverage that into getting more time in the studio with Sean and our guests.

Don't forget to share the show with your friends! 

Thank you so much for listening.