Hey folks! This is Dan, and I just wanted to both apologize for being out of the studio for so long, and let everyone know that we will be recording an episode this evening! It should be available for download in the next few days. As for this past month, it has been difficult for me to nail down both time and guests for the show during the holiday season. My regular workload is rather significant, and the holidays tend to exacerbate things. Again, sorry for the absence! I hope to make a lot more content for our listeners over the next few weeks. Remember to subscribe!


A while back, we had Kyle Haskell in studio for an episode. He's a friend of mine, and it took a little while to get him into the studio, so you can imagine how upsetting it was when GarageBand basically ate most of our recording! We did manage to salvage a little under 10 minutes of the recording (thank you, Sean). We recently had Kyle back in the studio (with another guest) for another recording, so I figured I would release the original 10 minutes as a special preview for the upcoming episode. Enjoy!