Episode 044 - Sergio Pinjic

Join us as we speak with Sergio Pinjic about the distributor he works for, as well as his his personal experience as a Bosnian refugee. To learn more about the different types of wine and brandy he helps distribute, go to premierdistributors.org. Their products are available at every New Hampshire state liquor store, as well as a number of other fine establishments. You can find Sergio on Facebook, and Twitter @SergioP666!

Episode 043 - Chris Lamere

Chris Lamere got in touch with us through Tarah Nolan, a guest on one of our previous episodes. Listen in as we discuss Skeleton Detective, ripping off Audible, liquid cooled brains, and our fictional sponser, birdbones.com. Incidentally, that's a real website for a band in Luxembourg, not a bird bones delivery service. I would like to give a big "thank you" to Tarah, for putting me in touch with Chris and a couple of other future guests! You can find Chris on Instagram and Twitter, username archaevist.

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Episode 042 - Nick Ford

Nick Ford came into the studio to record an episode with us this week. Sean and I were very excited to get him on our show because I had been a guest on the other podcast that Nick hosted with Eben and Sean, Technologically Unemployed. They are currently on hiatus, but you can check out what they have so far by clicking here. Nick also has a couple of websites, including The Anarchist's Township and Abolish Work. You can occasionally catch Nick at the poetry slam over at Milly's Tavern in Manchester, NH on Thursday nights. I hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 041 - Urias O'Keefe

Urias came into the studio, despite the wishes of Drunk Urias to have us come record at his job at the gas station! We had a great time talking to Urias about many different subjects, including his writing, tabletop games, Florida Man, and much more! You can see his writing on Facebook by clicking here!

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Episode 040 - Ryan LaPointe and Pete Dinning

Ryan LaPointe and Pete Dinning have both been on the show before, but never together! We spoke at length about some of their new projects, including Pete's band and Ryan's clothing company that he started with his wife!

Check out Pete's new band, Ledge Dwellers, on Facebook. They have a show at Area 23 in Concord on March 24th, so go check them out!

Ryan is the new head of event coordination and fundraising for Veterans Martial Arts Training. You can enter the pushup contest that they're putting on at The Zone Fitness in Hampstead on March 29 at 6pm.

Also, check out the clothing company that Ryan and his wife started on Instagram or at their store on Etsy.